newhpscottAn iconic builder and entrepreneur, Scott Binsack founded Mansions & Estates International in 2003.

A favorite amongst the elite, Scott has worked with a variety of high-profile clients, from musicians and actors, to politicians, socialites and corporate gurus.

Through this work as a builder, Scott realized that many clients simply don’t have the time, the inclination or the knowledge required to oversee the construction process in a manner that ensures optimal results. It was this realization that inspired him to establish Mansions & Estates International.

Scott is a seasoned entrepreneur who established his first business at age 18 and earned his first million by age 24. After nearly 25 years of building luxury homes and renovating some of the nation’s most beautiful properties, Scott now works exclusively as a liaison between property owners and builders, working to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget and in a manner that exceeds your expectations of excellence.

Scott is one consultant who understands that your time is valuable; it’s at a premium, in fact. As such, he works to see to it that your home renovation or building project will be managed in a manner that respects your time and your privacy. Quite simply, he’ll go to whatever lengths are required to ensure that the building project proceeds in a manner that fulfills the client’s vision — your vision — from conception to completion.

Scott’s work has been featured in a variety of well-known publications, including House Magazine, Remodeling Magazine and The Business Journal, among many others. He has constructed and revamped luxurious residences in some of the most exclusive and elite neighborhoods, from ocean-front mansions in the Hamptons, to the finest properties in Old Westbury, New York, to sprawling luxury estates in the Caribbean, the West Indies and beyond.

Today, in addition to providing building consultant services and customized liaison solutions to his elite clientele, Scott enjoys growing his presence as a social media personality and public speaker. He’s currently authoring his first book. He also founded The Rain Maker With Scott Binsack, a firm offering personal and corporate mentoring, along with a vast array of branding and specialty services. Scott also hosts a popular weekly show, Sunday Night With “Scott Binsack.”

You can contact Scott Binsack by phone at 800.956.3855.


Restoration Consulting

Scott is a consultant for your luxury home and estate restorations.

New Home Consulting

Scott offers liaison and consulting services for new home building projects.

Renovation Consulting

Scott serves as a consultant for luxury home renovation projects.

New Home Construction Management

Turn to an experienced construction management firm for your new home.

Renovation Construction Management

Trust your next renovation project to an expert in construction management.

Renovation Construction Management

Ensure your renovation project goes smoothly with an expert management firm.


Why Does Scott J. Binsack Stand Apart?

Mansions & Estates International founder and CEO Scott J. Binsack has worked extensively in all areas of his field as a liaison, consultant, luxury home builder and in construction management.

This diverse range of experience has equipped Scott with the unique perspective and the extensive knowledge he requires to provide his clients with simply exceptional services.

– 1989, Inception

Scott J. Binsack arrived on the scene, forming East Coast Construction, Inc. An 8th grade drop out, Scott would invest lots of time and effort into this venture, ultimately achieving success beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, earning millions by the time he was just 23 years old.  

– 1998, Success

His company is thriving, and Scott J. Binsack is grossing over $18 million annually. Inspired to do more, he steps beyond East Coast Construction, Inc. and enters the worlds of new developments and consulting. Scott forms the foundation of what would ultimately become Mansions & Estates International. 

– 2003, Birth of Mansions & Estates International

Mansions & Estates International is established as Scott J. Binsack strives to provide his exclusive clientele with a high end one-stop-shop firm, specializing in all aspects of building, from start to finish. The firm quickly gains a reputation for being one of the most exclusive luxury design-build firms.

– 2015, Thriving

Today, Mansions & Estates International is regarded as a premier consulting firm, also dealing in construction management and new developments.

“Lions never lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

~Scott J. Binsack