Choosing the right builder by Mansions & Estates CEO Scott Binsack

When it comes to building a home, choosing the right builder is essential! Choosing a less-than-ideal builder can result in frustration, delays and disappointment with the finished result. So in today’s article from construction consultant and Mansions & Estates International CEO Scott Binsack, we’ll examine what to look for as you choose the right home builder for your new luxury home.

Do They Specialize in Luxury Homes in Your Preferred Style?

Each home builder has their own unique style and strengths, so it’s crucial to select a builder who specializes in the style of home that you’re seeking.

It’s also crucial for you to choose a builder who specializes in luxury properties, as luxury homes have a much higher quality. So you want a home builder who can deliver the quality you expect in your new home.

To this end, it’s essential that you tour a few homes that your chosen builder has constructed, as there is no substitute for viewing their work in person.

Do They Offer a Warranty?

When choosing the right home builder, it’s crucial that you ask about whether they offer a warranty on their properties. You want a contractor who will stand behind their work for at least one year after the home is constructed.

If they’re not willing to warranty their work, then this is a warning sign — one that should tell you to run, as any reputable and high quality builder should be willing to stand behind their work.

Do The Home Builder’s Properties Maintain Value?

When choosing the right home builder, you’ll want to be sure you pick a contractor whose homes retain their value over time. Any reputable builder should have information concerning the resale value of their properties.

If you’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in a new luxury home, it’s critical that you can go into the building process confident that your investment will maintain its value and ideally, increase in value over time.


Is the Home Builder Reputable?

When choosing the right home builder, it’s important that you check to ensure that they are properly insured and licensed. You should also check the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List to learn more about how that builder is rated.

It’s also wise to connect with past clients and discuss their experiences working with the contractor. Any reputable builder will have no hesitation at providing a prospective client with references.

When speaking with the builder’s references, ask questions about the quality of their home, the level of communication with the builder, whether the project remained on time and on budget and their thoughts about their overall experience with that contractor.

It’s also important to ask about the builder’s process and how they provide clients with updates. You want a builder who’s a strong communicator; someone who will provide lots of regular updates.

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Turn to Construction Consultant Scott Binsack at Mansions & Estates International

These are just a few of the important considerations you should keep in mind when deciding whether to renovate or remodel an existing home or build a new home from the ground up.

If you’re seeking convenience and a smooth build, don’t forget to turn to a construction consultant like “Scott Binsack” of Mansions & Estates International. Scott will serve as a liaison between you, the client and the architect, contractor and craftsmen. Your building consultant can serve as your biggest advocate, while also ensuring that the job is completed in a manner that reflects your expectations and needs.

So if you’re ready to build a new home, turn to Scott Binsack, founder and CEO of Mansions & Estates International, a firm that’s committed to providing in-depth construction consulting solutions to clients worldwide. Call 800.956.3855.


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