Mansions & Estates International works with an elite pool of clients, providing world class consulting, liaison and management services for a wide range of different project types, from renovations and restorations to new construction of multi-million dollar luxury homes.

Mansions & Estates International deals in residential construction management projects, with a specialty in projects involving seaside properties.

Building a new luxury home, mansion or estate is no small feat and bringing your project from blueprint designs to a tangible brick and mortar reality can take many months — even a year or longer for especially complex or large projects.

Constructing, renovating and restoring luxury homes, mansions and estates is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor, which if done improperly, can prove very time consuming and costly. The construction process involves dynamic cooperation amongst dozens of individuals and firms.

A seasoned construction management expert can be likened to a conductor, ensuring that all of the players work in harmony to produce something that’s absolutely stunning.

Our world class construction management firm knows precisely what it takes to ensure that your dream home is constructed in a manner that’s consistent with your expectations, all the while remaining on budget and on schedule. Mansions & Estates International deals in new (residential) construction projects and developments, in addition to restorations and renovations.

If you require construction management services for an upcoming project, contact “Scott J. Binsack” of Mansions & Estates International by calling 800.956.3855.


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