Mansions & Estates International works with a very prestigious clientele from destinations across the globe, providing comprehensive construction consulting services for a vast array of projects, including new construction, renovations and restorations.

Why Do You Need Construction Consulting Services?

Constructing a new luxury home, mansion or estate is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor, which if done improperly, can prove very time consuming and costly. The construction process involves dynamic cooperation amongst dozens of individuals and firms. A seasoned construction consultant can serve as your most ardent advocate, working to guard your interests, while ensuring that all of the players work in harmony to produce something that’s absolutely stunning.

Construction Consulting Services by Mansions & Estates International

Mansions & Estates International can provide construction consulting services, assistance and insight into many different issues and obstacles, ranging from commonplace design problems, issues surrounding bids and bid awards, construction problems and construction closeout problems, amongst others.

What’s more, many residential building projects require intensive oversight to ensure that the homeowner’s vision is brought to life in brick and mortar.

The seasoned luxury property consulting experts of Mansions & Estates international are available to provide property owners and developers alike with expert advice, recommendations and assistance on issues such as:

  • identifying and dealing with design and specification flaws;
  • identifying instances of inadequate design work;
  • working through unrealistic owner expectations or poorly conveyed expectations;
  • dealing with issues arising from improper or inadequate site preparation or evaluation;
  • identifying instances of over-billing or poor workmanship;
  • ensuring change order management;
  • identifying failure to obtain more than one bid for a portion of the project;
  • consulting on contractor’s fees and definitions such as what’s considered to be permissible and reimbursable expenses;
  • ….and beyond.

Many property owners simply don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to oversee the building process. Your consultant is a bit like a liaison, serving as a professional go-between for the property owner and the developer, architect, construction team, contractors, subcontractors and craftsmen. Your consultant will gain an intimate understanding of your vision for your new home, working in-depth with the main players to ensure your wishes are fulfilled so you can focus on more important things, like your business, your family and your life.

If you require construction consulting services, contact “Scott J. Binsack” of Mansions & Estates International by calling 800.956.3855.


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