Scott J. Binsack, CEO of Mansions and Estates International Consulting

When it comes to renovations, repairs and remodeling, one of the most overlooked areas of any property is the roof. The “out of sight, out of mind” adage really does ring true when it comes to this area of your home.

But an ailing roof can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in damage — or more! And much of the damage that can arise from a damaged roof will go unseen until it’s too late to do anything but make serious repairs.

So how can you determine if your roof is in need of repairs or replacement?

Begin by inspecting the roof. This should be done at least twice per year, but you don’t need to climb atop a ladder to inspect your roof (although this is always ideal.) You can often use binoculars to inspect the roof from the ground; the key is to position yourself so you can visualize every area of the roof. Look for signs of damage or degradation, such as broken or missing shingles or roofing tiles, bowed or misaligned shingles or roofing tiles, gaps around flashing and any other abnormalities.

Discoloration, moss and algae can also be cause for concern, as are areas of accumulation of debris such as branches, sticks and foliage.

On your home’s siding, look for any areas of deteriorating or separating siding, as this can indicate a problem with the underlying structure — a problem that’s often the result of water damage from a leaking roof.

From the inside of your home, you should always be on the lookout for any watermarks on ceilings or walls.

Periodically inspect the attic too, looking for any mold on wood or the insulation. Also beware of any musty odors, as this can indicate a water leak.

At least once or twice per year, go into the attic immediately after a major rainstorm and inspect the under side of the roof for any moisture. This can be a great way to detect small leaks before they cause major damage.

If you’re uncomfortable inspecting your own roof, it’s always a good idea to consult a roofing professional. Many will offer free inspections to prospective clients.

If you’re seeking to start a new home renovation project or you’re getting ready to build a new home, turn to “Scott Binsack,” founder and CEO of Mansions & Estates International. Call 800.956.3855.


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