Scott J. Binsack, CEO of Mansions and Estates International Consulting

When building a new home, the process can be a complex and time-consuming one. In fact, overseeing the construction of your new home can be a full-time job in and of itself!

But that’s precisely where a consultant like Scott Binsack of Mansions & Estates International can assist!

When you turn to a construction consultant, you’ll enjoy many perks and benefits which will help you save time and avoid the confusion and stress that comes with building a new home (or restoring an existing one!)

Your consultant will serve as your advocate, ensuring that everything is done in a manner that fulfills your standards, needs and expectations. So you won’t need to perform regular site visits to ensure that the build is progressing in an acceptable manner.

Your consultant will serve as a point of contact for your architect, contractor and any subcontractors or craftsmen who you hire to work on your new home. This allows you to focus on your life and your career instead of dealing with any questions or other issues relating to your home build.

Your consultant will provide advice and insight , answering any questions or addressing any concerns that arise during the construction process.

Your consultant will keep your contractor honest. Often, contractors over-charge or drag their feet in completing various elements of the project. A seasoned building consultant like Scott Binsack knows the going rate for various materials and services, and he also knows how long each phase of the building process should take. This knowledge enables your consultant to keep your contractor honest and on-point.

With an experienced consultant working on your side, your build will be a breeze! A consultant can help you save time, save money and avoid the stress and hassle that’s often associated with a building project so you can focus on doing what you do best — living your life!

If you’re building a new home, turn to “Scott Binsack,” founder and CEO of Mansions & Estates International. Call 570-259-4315.


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