hamptonsOceanfront construction is our specialty at Mansions & Estates International.

Company founder and CEO Scott J. Binsack has been involved in the construction, remodeling and renovation of oceanfront homes in the Hamptons, among many other exclusive destinations worldwide. Over the years, Scott has become renowned for his work on some of the finest beach front luxury homes on the planet, making him an expert oceanfront construction consultant.

Oceanfront construction projects are faced with many unique challenges. These homes also require some very special construction elements. Scott has pioneered a range of different approaches to ensure that your oceanside home is constructed to be robust yet elegant.

Oceanside homes must include a number of architectural elements, such as pilings, and the property must be fortified and engineered in a manner so as to ensure proper drainage and to minimize problems related to erosion, flooding and other water-related risks that must be addressed while living on the shore.

Mansions & Estates International deals not only in new residential construction projects, but we can also assist with remodeling, restorations and upgrades of oceanfront estates and mansions.

If you require assistance with a new seaside construction project, contact oceanfront construction expert Scott Binsack of Mansions & Estates International by calling 800.956.3855.


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