Scott J. Binsack, CEO of Mansions and Estates International Consulting

Building a new home can be a very fun and exciting process. But many individuals who build a home have never done so before and as with every experience in life, you learn by doing. So what are the most common regrets when building a new home? What do many homeowners wish they’d done differently? Consider the following!

More Storage Space

When designing a new home, most people focus on the actual rooms, and many give little thought to storage spaces such as closets and cabinets.

Really, you can never have too much storage space! So when in doubt, add more storage space! Also, work with your architect to transform “dead space” — such as the space below a staircase — into storage space!

Larger Rooms

Many homeowners under-estimate room size when they’re working with an architect. Firstly, it’s hard to envision dimensions, which makes developing a floor plan quite difficult from the get-go.

On top of this, many forget that rooms contain furniture and furniture can dramatically impact the perceived size of a room.

In addition, consider how fixed elements in the room impact potential furniture arrangements. Doorways, windows, window seats, built-in shelving, cabinets and other fixed elements in the room will limit how you can arrange the furniture in a room. You could end up with just 1 or 2 possible arrangements, which subsequently minimize usable space in the room. It’s important to take this into consideration when evaluating size and dimensions.

Improved Layout

When designing your floor plans, think of how you’re going to travel through the home on a daily basis. In short, consider practical use. For instance, you may be opposed to the idea of adding a second door to a bathroom, but just one entrance may necessitate leaving one’s bedroom and walking down a hallway in the middle of the night in order to access the facilities — that’s not so convenient.

Similarly, consider how guests will travel through your home. You don’t want your only guest-accessible bathroom to be one that requires traveling through your office or a bedroom in order to access it.

You should also think of how you use other common areas of the house, like the kitchen and den. Consider the layout and each room’s location within the floor plan.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to building the ideal new home! Of course, working with a consultant like “Scott Binsack” of Mansions & Estates International is one of the most effective ways to ensure your new home build goes smoothly.

If you’re ready to start a new home build, renovation or a home restoration, turn to “Scott Binsack,” of Mansions & Estates International. Call 570-259-4315.


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